Friends of BIZAA Provides Educational Support to Children in Africa

Friends of BIZAA pic
Friends of BIZAA

Minneapolis, Minnesota-based Enhance Product Development offers design, licensing and marketing services to help commercialize new products, while also providing professional representation to inventors. Beyond its everyday operations, Enhance Product Development supports nonprofit organizations like the Basic Institute for Zonal African Advancement (BIZAA). BIZAA’s initiatives include the Friends of BIZAA, which offers educational opportunities to youth rescued from child labor and trafficking.

Friends of BIZAA provides children with access to primary and secondary education, and connects young adults to technical training programs that can lead them towards a brighter future. A collaborative effort between schools, faith-based organizations, and corporations, the group facilitates access to education through educational sponsorships while also providing financial assistance to families through micro-loan programs.

Friends of BIZAA also promotes enrollment into private schools and is working to construct a technical college for young adults. Additionally, Friends of BIZAA supports the continuation of a self-reliance program for the victims of child labor and trafficking.


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