BIZAA Building a College to Educate Children in Africa


Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Enhance Product Development helps inventors and entrepreneurs turn their ideas into market-ready products. As part of its commitment to giving back, Enhance Product Development supports the Basic Institute for Zonal African Advancement (BIZAA).

BIZAA is an organization focused on educating children who are vulnerable in Africa. This mission includes children who have undergone child labor, domestic servitude, and been victims of child trafficking. All such situations deny children their right to an education and force them into adulthood at an early age.

BIZAA fulfills its purpose by providing education and technical training to rescued children and youth. The organization is currently raising funds to build a college in Imo, Nigeria. The college, to be named the BIZAA College of Technology and Nursing, will provide rescued youth with technical skills preparing them for work in fields such as construction and tailoring so that they will be able to lead productive lives. The adoption of these skills will also empower them to provide for their families, breaking the cycle of poverty that is responsible for sending many children into street labor.

The first stage of this new college project will require $1,000,000. The organization has raised $200 and has already rented a temporary space to begin classes.


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