IDSA’s Two Scholarships Support Graduate and Undergraduate Students

Industrial Designers Society of America pic
Industrial Designers Society of America

Enhance Product Development, Inc., a product development company based in Minnesota, was founded by Trevor Lambert nearly 10 years ago. The team at Enhance Product Development stay active in the professional community, with many team members belonging to professional groups such as the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA).

Beyond providing important information to professionals and granting educational opportunities through meetings, IDSA offers two scholarship programs: the Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship and Design Foundation Industrial Design Undergraduate Scholarship.

The Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship was established by Francesco Gianninoto, FIDSA, a package designer and founder of the Package Design Council. It is offered on an annual basis and gives a single recipient $1,500 to cover graduate fees associated with completing an industrial design degree. Applicants for this award must be in their final year of undergraduate study and be applying or accepted to a graduate school. They can also be currently enrolled in an industrial design graduate program. Recipients must be current IDSA members and cannot have won a Gianninoto Graduate Scholarship before.

Meanwhile, the Industrial Design Undergraduate Scholarship is available through the Design Foundation and grants $1,500 to a recipient to cover undergraduate tuition fees. Like the Gianninoto Scholarship, it is awarded based on the quality of the work sample submitted by students, and applicants must be a member of IDSA. Applicants must also be pursuing an industrial design degree, be a full-time undergraduate student, have at least a 3.0 GPA, and have at least one semester left before graduation.


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